Dr. Pawan Rajpal

HEAD OF VR-Trauma resolution Programme

Dr. Pawan Rajpal is a Consultant Psychiatrist and an EMDR therapist practicing at the Harley Street, London. He works with both children and adults, helping people who have faced trauma and struggle to identify, manage and express their emotions which results in challenging and disruptive behaviour. He specialises in Trauma, addictions, and Depression and anxiety.

He has been trained in the prestigious Guy’s and St Thomas Psychiatry rotation in London and further specialised in Bristol.

He is skilled in diagnosing trauma and managing it, he is also a trained mentor and coach and works with clients to help overcome personal road-blocks and change internal cognitive processes to maximise their personal outcomes.

With over 20 years of experience, whilst practicing psychiatry internationally, he has helped thousands of people with a variety of challenges. Working with individuals, small groups and large audiences, he works in a step-by-step manner to clearly work out a plan for success; identifying and removing self-defeating beliefs and behaviours, so that each person who comes into contact with his work, is motivated to change their life in the way they have always wished for. The skills and strategies he imparts are relatable, repeatable and will help you build the base for thriving relationships, successful families and a fulfilling life.

Inga Valerie Wellings

VR-Trauma resolution MANAGER

Inga Valerie Wellings is a multi-dimensional professional, working in investor-immigration advisory and in trauma solutions using Dubai as a hub. Inga has worked with autistic, ADHD and Asperger patients.

Fluent in English, Russian and Italian.

She has extensive management experience with vision, planning and execution as her strongest points.

Pia Sahni

Business Development Manager

Self-motivated and success-driven business development manager with 28+ years of experience in solution selling and new business strategies, providing market intelligence and feedback to global and regional teams in the market, industry, and competitors’ developments.